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spotter truck sales

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spotter truck sales

Jack Morgan
Operations Manager, AC Logistics

"We were talking to Scott at Ace Equipment about a used spotter truck for $35-40K. Ultimately we decided to do a new vehicle full service lease, and avoid the headaches and vehicle downtime over the next few years. Financially it made more sense."
spotter truck sales

Andy McDonnell
Purchasing Manager, Magna, Inc.

"We were looking everywhere for a new spotter, but we really wanted the Tier 3 Cummins engines we're currently running. We found Ace had new trucks in stock on the ground, with Cummins Tier 3 engines. We took two trucks since they were so hard to find."
spotter truck sales

Rusty T Area Manager

"I like the idea that you guys come to make the truck better. We've been here 37 years and you're the first group that's ever wanted to improve on your spot trucks."
spotter truck sales

Scott C

"All-in-all it's a fantastic product and I couldn't be happier using this vehicle on a daily basis so, thumbs up! Thank you!"

Huge spotter truck Range

Trucks on-hand

We have a large range of makes and models available immediately and offer extensive advice and knowledge about Kalmar, Capacity, Autocar, and Ottawa spotter trucks.

New & Used

Our inventory includes both new and used spotter trucks, and we offer the option to lease depending on your requirements. With our stock on hand, you'll be ready to go.

Immediate Delivery

We ensure that you get the spotter truck you need to keep operating, no matter how urgent your need. Simply contact us and we'll fill your needs immediately.

Across the U.S.

Our immediate delivery program allows us to deliver your truck across the country quickly. No matter where you are or what you need, we make sure you're ready to operate without a hitch.
spotter truck sales

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